GEO RESONATORS-A COMPLETE PROTECTION AGAINST GEOPATHIC                                                              STRESS

Geo Resonators are a great solution for clearing and balancing the earth’s energy in yards, farms, parks and neighborhoods. The toxic earth radiation can impart a negative effect outside as well as inside, Geo Resonators offer an important level of protection. When planted in the four corners of an area they clear Geopathic stress zones, immediately resonate with each other and also infuses the treated area with a healing, life-supporting energy field.


Protect against Geopathic stress:


Geo Resonator has a 2-inch-square that is encoded with a comprehensive program of transformative subtle energies that resonate with the elements of the earth and atmosphere to clear Geopathic stress and other toxins and create a balancing and healing effect in the soil, plants, trees and waterways.


This energy imprints into conductive materials such as metal, concrete and brick structures in and above the ground. It holds some positive effects on the underground environment such as:


•    Full-color spectrum that supports life processes

•    Energy imprints of 64 minerals resonant with earth minerals

•    Geomagnetic earth pattern to balance soil and land

•    Patterns to support atmospheric balance and earth protection.


Setting up the field:


Plant four Geo Resonators in a matrix half-mile apart. Plant more Geo Resonators beyond the original matrix to extend the size of the area being treated. It can be used as a single Geo Resonator on a sick tree or garden, or plant Geo Resonators in small waterways, brooks, and ponds.


Plant Geo Resonators (GR's) around your home, your neighborhood or specific toxic areas to transform and energy balance your environment.


The vibration will be extended to the next location if it's within a half mile. The area within the matrix of GR's will be harmonized.



Try the Geo Resonators RISK-FREE for 30 days:


We guarantee you that our Safe Space products come with a 30-day money back offer. If you're not satisfied with the product, feel free to return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.




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